Backrooms Async Lab Diorama – One Day Build

Here’s a quick one day build project, inspired by Kane Pixel’s awesome youtube channel, and this video in particular. 

I lasercut the enclosure out of 7mm plywood. And used cheap adhesive acrylic mirrors on all four sides of the inner room. Then I lasercut some textured wallpaper pieces, and spent a bit of time arranging them carefully so that no matter what angle you view it from, you can’t see the entry threshold inside. 

The lighting inside is neopixel (WS2812) controlled by an arduino nano. I used blue lighting for the “lab” section and yellow lighting for the backrooms, but it’s all controllable. I was going to add fluorescent flicker to the yellow portion, but wasn’t sure if that was cannon or not…

Shoot me an email if you want the files to make your own. 

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