My name’s Gavin. I’m an engineer and a tinkerer.

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2 Responses to About

  1. fracart says:

    Hey Gavin, hope you are doing well.

    I just published this thread on Twitter about the lightscythe: https://twitter.com/adrienrahier/status/1122379325532033024?s=21

    I thought you might be interested ­čÖé

    Ps- Apologies I realize that this might not be the best place to post this. I just didnÔÇÖt find any other way to contact you.


    • Hi Adrien,

      Fantastic to hear! I’m so glad you got something out of it, I was hoping people would like the concept and get inspired to build their own. And your pictures look awesome!

      If you’re still in Sydney for a few days, come by the Robots And Dinosaurs makerspace in Meadowbank on Tuesday night. We’ll be open from 5:30pm: http://robodino.org/



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