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My Coffee Table is a Robot – The Sand Plotter

Apparently I didn’t write this one up already. Here’s a build from a couple of years ago: It’s a coffee table with a bed of sand, and underneath is a CNC plaform and a powerful magnet to drag around a … Continue reading

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Standing Desk & Aluminium Extrusion

I recently got a bunch of aluminium extrusion so that I can rebuild the Turquoisebot in a more accessible way.   I’ve used OpenBeam before, but not 8020 style extrusion. As a quick test project, I decided to make a standing … Continue reading

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Cause I’m a Rocket Lamp….

  This was inspired by a pic, of a screenshot, of a photo sent to a friend of mine. No idea where the original came from. (If it’s you I’d love to give you credit). I couldn’t resist immediately going out … Continue reading

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