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Getting another 2 atomic clocks, plus some other goodies

I spent the evening having a chat and look at old equipment for sale at the ARNSW clubhouse: I was only after one bit of equipment, but I went a bit googly eyed and couldn’t resist getting some other … Continue reading

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Bolt & screw tester set for the wall

I wanted a way for people at Robots and Dinosaurs to quickly figure out what fasteners were what, without having to go to the trouble of using thread gauges or calipers. Wall mount bolt sizers aren’t exactly new, of course, but the … Continue reading

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Workbench tool organiser

I’m becoming a huge evangalist for Adam Savage’s ‘First order retrievability’ concept, and I’m slowly applying it to wider areas in my space. Here’s the latest round, a caddy to hold all my jewellers screwdrivers (including torx!), tweezers, knifes, pearl … Continue reading

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