Lasercut DnD Scenery

Here’s a design I made recently for Dungeons and Dragons scenery using a lasercutter.

I created a bunch of tiles based on a standard 25.4mm grid. The walls are made from two layers of 3mm plywood back-to-back, which allows both sides to be laser engraved easily. The floor is made from 7mm plywood, but you could easily adapt the design for thinner material if your laser is less powerful.

There’s some nifty features, like portcullis doors that can really open, and mysterious portals with different colour inserts. Walls are deliberately around half-height, so that players can see the pieces more easily from all around the table:

Terrain closeup v01


For the brick coloured walls I used a very light spray of “Rust Guard Quick Dry”  in “Terrain” colour. And for other pieces I used Burroughs (knockoff Copic Markers) alcohol markers and just coloured the wood in. The result is good enough for my lazy self:

Fire closeup v01

Here’s all the parts laid out:

Parts array 1 v01 Parts array 2 v01

The entire kit fits in a single case for travel:

Storage case v01

I was very happy with it, but a week later I had a much better idea for how to make pieces, so I actually won’t end up using this type after all. Hey ho.

Files here for anyone that wants to make their own:

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