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Swear detecting eyebrows with FFT, Teensy & Electroboom

Here’s a quick project I had the idea for after reading that the “swear bleep” sound is actually fairly standardized at 1,000Hz. Using a Teensy & audio shield, I soldered on a microphone scavenged from the junk drawer.  With a half … Continue reading

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Full Circle Bell Simulator

I’ve recently gotten into Change Ringing, and helped a friend build a bell simulator from a broken bell that was laying around. “Full Circle” bell ringing is a bit counter intuitive. Rather than having the mouth of the bell face … Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller’s Map – A Lasercut Dymaxion Globe

  This is the true reason for my previous project on Platonic Solids. I was playing around with map projections, and became a tag smitten with Buckminster FulIer’s Dymaxion Projection. It’s able to do a map projection with surprisingly little distortion: … Continue reading

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Platonic solids w/ lasercut faces

This started because I wanted to make my own copy of Buckminster Fuller’s  Dymaxion Map. Lasercutting mitre joints & gluing them leads to big seam lines on the map, as well as being hard to hold while gluing. Instead, I decided to … Continue reading

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