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Clockwork Waveplates – Polarization Calculations With Gears

I’ve been playing around with tangible versions of the Bloch/Poincare sphere previously, and I think breaking polarization down into 3 orthogonal dimensions (Stokes vectors) yields such a useful mental model of what’s happening with various complex systems. In the same … Continue reading

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Better Poincare Sphere

Here’s an update to the lasercut Poincare sphere I made previously. I was very happy with it as a desktop ornament, but it wasn’t quite the tangible intuition pump I was hoping for. I decided to remake it with the coordinates … Continue reading

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Desktop Qubit Model – Poincare and Bloch spheres

I have been playing around with the maths for some simple quantum systems recently. A lot of systems model operations performed on a qubit as rotations in three dimensions (The Bloch Sphere). Around the same time, I was playing with … Continue reading

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