Getting another 2 atomic clocks, plus some other goodies

I spent the evening having a chat and look at old equipment for sale at the ARNSW clubhouse:

I was only after one bit of equipment, but I went a bit googly eyed and couldn’t resist getting some other cheap bits while I was there.

We have:

  • Spiffy antique rack case
  • HP 5372A frequency/ time interval counter (The only thing I was actually planning on buying)
  • Three GPS disciplined oscillators
  • HP GPIB programmable 50V/2A power supply
  • Two rubidium atomic clock units (already passed one on to a friend)
  • Old style display unit (predates 7-segments) that has individual bulbs and projectors per digit per number
  • decade resistance box
  • milk crate full of blank copper clad PCB material for making circuit boards

Not bad for an evening’s work. Now to paint and clean up the rack a bit…

Rack full of various equipment

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4 Responses to Getting another 2 atomic clocks, plus some other goodies

  1. Kean says:

    OK, I see what you mean about the sloping front – that is quite a nice rack.
    And thanks from a grateful friend 🙂


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