Lasercut Settlers of Catan

At the space recently we’ve had a few rounds of Settlers of Catan. People seemed to like it, so I figure we should have a set living on a shelf in the workshop. Some late night lasering later, and we have this:


At the request of James, this version has recesses to hold the roads and cities in place, so that his more… enthusiastic… rolls don’t knock over the board:


All the wood is bamboo ply, lasercut. The hex tiles are lightly sanded and given an acrylic paint wash, before being given a clear gloss. The base has a Jarrah stain (Yes, I know it looks terrible where the glue wasn’t sanded off enough), and I might end up clear-coating it later.


The settlements and cities have their own little silhouettes, and I made a holder for each player’s unplaced pieces:


Files are up here if anyone wants to make their own:


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