Standing Desk & Aluminium Extrusion

I recently got a bunch of aluminium extrusion so that I can rebuild the Turquoisebot in a more accessible way.


I’ve used OpenBeam before, but not 8020 style extrusion. As a quick test project, I decided to make a standing desk addon for my work table.


“Before you cut firewood, sharpen the axe.” 


I noticed the metal bandsaw was cutting atrociously, so I spent an hour re-aligning it & testing out the tension and perpendicularity.

IMG_1624.JPG IMG_1625.JPG

Not perfect, but at least the right angle joints didn’t fail the laugh test when I put them together.


Cutting the lengths


Completed stock

Some assembly later:


The completed table

It should be at the right height to have my elbows perpendicular while standing & using the keyboard.

As a construction method, I’m amazingly happy with it. I have an extremely sturdy frame, and it was very quick to put together. Moreover, if I change my mind in the future I can reuse all the parts easily.

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2 Responses to Standing Desk & Aluminium Extrusion

  1. Kean says:

    Did you use angle brackets and some kind of T-nuts?
    Also, I now old use my metal bandsaw for cutting through really solid or large metal pieces. For aluminium extrusion I use a circular (drop) saw with a metal cutting blade – gives much better right angles!


    • Good idea, Kean. I’ve dusted off our metal cuttoff saw from the space, given it a fresh blade, and I’ll use that this weekend on the pilgrimage. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

      Oh, and it’s angle brackets for the table, with slotted nuts that slide in from the edge. (More of a stamped bit of metal that’s been threaded)


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