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Bayes’ Ruler – A Bayesian Slide Rule

I’m a big fan of Bayesian statistics, and also old analog computers. It occured to me one day that I hadn’t ever seen a slide rule for calculating Bayes’ theorem… Here’s how to use it. Let’s say you’re a doctor, … Continue reading

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Pachinko Crystal Modelling

I saw this video recently, and fell in love with the Atomix toy. Sadly it seems you can’t get them anymore. However, I remembered that in the garage  I had over a thousand Japanese pachinko balls left over from a previous project… … Continue reading

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Demonstration ROS Coordinate Frames

I spent a bit of time recently help a friend set up a robotics lab. One of the things I wanted to nail down was a consistent set of coordinate frames for all the equipment. The Robot Operating System is … Continue reading

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Making the ‘Ultimate’ Pochade Boxes

The previous  writeup was getting a bit long, so I thought I’d put the steps used for making the boxes in their own post. I started with the frame, using pine and biscuit joints for securing it:

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The ‘Ultimate’ Pochade Box

I’ve been getting interested in plein air oil painting recently, not so coincidentally after Netflix brought out some inspiration. As with any set of tools, painting equipment only has value if you actually use it, and lots of hobbies get dropped, … Continue reading

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What we can’t measure, we can’t improve

Quick and dirty post showing something I made this morning to aid in troubleshooting the filtration system at Robots and Dinosaurs. Members from RnD have been building and rebuilding our own lasercutters for years. Mostly building our own because we got … Continue reading

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Swear detecting eyebrows with FFT, Teensy & Electroboom

Here’s a quick project I had the idea for after reading that the “swear bleep” sound is actually fairly standardized at 1,000Hz. Using a Teensy & audio shield, I soldered on a microphone scavenged from the junk drawer.  With a half … Continue reading

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Full Circle Bell Simulator

I’ve recently gotten into Change Ringing, and helped a friend build a bell simulator from a broken bell that was laying around. “Full Circle” bell ringing is a bit counter intuitive. Rather than having the mouth of the bell face … Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller’s Map – A Lasercut Dymaxion Globe

  This is the true reason for my previous project on Platonic Solids. I was playing around with map projections, and became a tag smitten with Buckminster FulIer’s Dymaxion Projection. It’s able to do a map projection with surprisingly little distortion: … Continue reading

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Platonic solids w/ lasercut faces

This started because I wanted to make my own copy of Buckminster Fuller’s  Dymaxion Map. Lasercutting mitre joints & gluing them leads to big seam lines on the map, as well as being hard to hold while gluing. Instead, I decided to … Continue reading

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