Transporting a giant robot — Part 2

After getting it back to Sydney, we had the not insignificant challenge of actually getting it into the Robots and Dinosaurs space.

First thing to do was construct a ramp from 2x4s and spare plywood:


The cheap block-and-tackle pulley set we got broke after only moving the control box about a meter. We had to adjourn for an hour while I went and bought and electric boat winch: IMG_9035

Moving the robot body was a lot trickier. We turned the palette into a small ‘sled’, and used it to support most of the weight getting it up the stairs: IMG_9039

Another view of the robot hauling: IMG_9040

Around about here we had to change plans slightly: IMG_9043

After some deft manoeuvring we got the robot onto a trolley and into the space. Done! IMG_9058

Huge thanks to Max, Scott, JD and Sascha for helping with the heavy lifting.

Especial thanks to Scott and Chris for running and organising lumber and hardware supplies while we were arriving with the robot.

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