Quick build – a ‘Hyper-B’ inspired kinetic sculpture

It’s 9pm at the Sydney Makerspace and I’m just about to head home, when we start looking at kickstarter projects.

After the usual round of terrible and physically impossible projects, we came across the lovely Hyper-B kit:

and decided we had to make one. (Yes, I’ve backed them too. I’d love to see their project go ahead).

A few minutes tinkering with Inkscape to make the lasercut files, 15mins on the laser, and maybe 10 minutes to cut and file down the threaded rod, and pilfering the M3 nut container to use as ‘beads’, and we had all the parts ready. First assembly was pretty quick, but fell apart later in the evening.

I found some better beads at home, and make a quick motorized stand to turn it smoothly:

Beads falling on wires

I’m pretty happy with the result. I might make a proper wood base to hold the motor, and see if I can find some nicer beads to use as well.

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